You can show your appreciation for Notebook BatteryInfo and support future development by donating! Your support makes this project possible, and your assistance is greatly appreciated!

I strongly feel that Notebook BatteryInfo should remain free of charge in the future also. You can support this project by donating via PayPal. Any amount is welcome.

I offer to all donators who donated at least 5€, and also commit a confirmed postal address, a license file for Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar that disables the license balloon tooltip and all other functional restrictions. The only restriction that remains is that this licenses are not permitted to be used in a commercial environment. I need a confirmed postal address since this license files are personalized and non transferable. Please pass your data in the PayPal comment. You will than get your license file as soon as possible. If you do not pass any data I am not able to send a license file. PayPal itself will not pass any personal data to me. Therefore you need to pass the postal address in the comment!

In case you forgot to sent me the data during the PayPal donation, you can send me an email with the necessary data and you will receive the license file. You will find the email address in the PayPal confirmation email, or on the contact page.

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Privacy notice
I do not save any personal of the people who donated to Notebook BatteryInfo. If you use PayPal, certain personal information, like your name, eMail address and donating amount will be transfered to my PayPal account upon receipt of donation. Personal data are only used for license file creation if this file is requested.
I will not save any data passed to my PayPal account on my computer systems, and I will not pass any data to a third party.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.