Usage of Notebook BatteryInfo is quite easy. Before downloading the software please read the system requirements and the Notebook BatteryInfo License agreement very carefully. Than just download the setup file and follow the steps of the installer.

Notebook BatteryInfo Suite

Information: Noteook BatteryInfo Suite is a legacy product without support!

The download was removed End of 2020! There is not support anymore for Notebook BatteryInfo Suite, therefore don't ask!
Use Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar instead!!!

Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar

Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar Download

System Requirements
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10
    (32 bit and 64 bit versions)
  • Notebook with Pentium M CPU or better (or compatible CPU)
  • 512MB RAM
  • 2MB free harddisk space
  • Administrative privileges during setup

Open/Close section Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar Language File Download

The language files of Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar are made by users. I do not support this files, since I do not speak this particular languages.

To use a language file just download it and decompress the archive. Copy the decompressed files to the folder "lang". This folder is in the Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar program folder. After copying the language files you should be able to select the new language in the Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar settings.

Language Author of language file Release date Notebook BatteryInfo Version
Italian Maurizio Peroni 09.12.2010 0.9 Beta 1/2
Czech Vladimir Kojecky 12.01.2011 0.9 Beta 1/2
To make it easier to maintain the language files, a list of changes in the language files can be found here:

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