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In this FAQ Notebook BatteryInfo Suite and Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar are named as "Notebook BatteryInfo". In case there are differences between Notebook BatteryInfo Suite and Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar, the differences will be described in the answer with correct naming of the particular Software.

1. Licensing and distributing

Open/Close section 1.1 Can I use Notebook BatteryInfo in a commercial environment?

No! Notebook BatteryInfo is a software created exclusively for home and educational use. Authorities or Organizantions of  state or community are treat as commercial environment, unless it is no educational environment. Associactions / Unions / Federations are also treat as commercial environment! 
It is not allowed and illegal to use Notebook BatteryInfo in any commercial environment! 

Open/Close section 1.2 Can I distribute Notebook BatteryInfo on an CD of a computer magazine?

A permisson to distribute Notebook BatteryInfo on CD/DVD/BD (or other media like flash memory) is needed. Please contact the author for a permission. Contact information can be found on the "contact page".
Illegal distribution is a violation again copyright laws.

Open/Close section 1.3 Can I distribute Notebook BatteryInfo on my webspace / server?

In the past a lot "download sites" send me a lot spam after they placed my software on their servers.  I will not tolerate this anymore. Therefore a permisson for distribution on a webspace or server is needed. Please contact the author for a permission. Contact information can be found on the "contact page".
Illegal distribution is a violation again copyright laws.

Open/Close section 1.4 Can I use the screenshots published on this site on other websites?

No! Therefore all pictures are marked with a short copyright notice to show the origin of this pictures. Since making own screenshots is very easy there will be no permission on using the screenshots published on this site for other websites.

Open/Close section 1.5 What is a contributor license, and how can I get one?

Everyone who donates at least 5, and also commits a confirmed address, receives a contributor license. I send a personalized license file to the email address used with PayPal for the donation.
This license file disables the balloon tooltip and also some other restrictions that apperars after a longer system runtime.

The only limitation that remains is that the software is not allowed to be used in a commercial environment!

2. Operating system

Open/Close section 2.1 Can I use Notebook BatteryInfo with Windows 9x and ME?


Open/Close section 2.2 Can I use Windows XP Themes or Aero with Notebook BatteryInfo?

Yes. Notebook BatteryInfo supports windows XP Themes and Aero very well. Only the Themes provided by Microsoft are supported. Other themes may work.

Open/Close section 2.3 Will be there a Notebook BatteryInfo version supporting server based systems?

No! There are no plans for a version supporting server based OS versions.

Open/Close section 2.4 Can I use Notebook BatteryInfo on Windows x64 systems?

Yes! Notebook BatteryInfo Suite Version 1.4 and higher supports x86 and x64 systems. Also Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar beginning with Version 1.0 supports x86 and x64 systems.

3. System Hardware

Open/Close section 3.1 Can I use Notebook BatteryInfo on a Desktop PC?

Yes, basically it is possible to use Notebook BatteryInfo on a Desktop PC. A Desktop PC normally does not have a  battery so Notebook BatteryInfo can not display the battery state. It is possible, if  the system has a USV, to show the USV state.

Open/Close section 3.2 Does Notebook BatteryInfo run on every Notebook/Netbook?

Yes, Notebook BatteryInfo works with all Notebooks / Netbooks. Notebook BatteryInfo version 1.3 or better runs on Windows XP / Windows Vista/ Windows 7 (all 32 Bit).

4. Install / Uninstall

Open/Close section 4.1 How do I install Notebook BatteryInfo?

For setup it is only necessary to execute the BISetup.exe / SmartBarSetup.exe. During setup the active account must have administrative privileges. An restricted user account may result in an incorrect setup. For later using of Notebook BatteryInfo no administrative account is needed.

Open/Close section 4.2 How can I uninstall Notebook BatteryInfo?

There are two possibilities to uninstall Notebook BatteryInfo:
  1. Control Panel - Software - Select Notebook BatteryInfo and click remove
  2. The Program menu folder "Notebook BatteryInfo" contains a link called "Remove Notebook BatteryInfo". The Folder "Notebook BatteryInfo" is only present if this option was not  disabled during setup.

Open/Close section 4.3 Is there a Notebook BatteryInfo version without Setup?


Open/Close section 4.4 How do I use my license file?

If you have a personalized license file, you can use this license file in two ways. You can copy the new license file to the application directory and replace the license file provided by the setup. After restarting the applications the information stored in the new license file is used by Notebook BatteryInfo.
It is also possible to use an external license file with the Setup. The license file and the Setup executable must be in the same directory. During the setup the external license file will be used by the setup and also copied into the application directory.

5. Notebook BatteryInfo features

Open/Close section 5.1 Does Notebook BatteryInfo support more than on battery?

Notebook BatteryInfo Suite supports up to 4 batteries in the system, and all values of the batteries  may be displayed, if the system support this.
Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar supports only one system battery. Only the values of the first battery will be displayed.

Open/Close section 5.2 Does Notebook BatteryInfo make changes in the Powermanagement?

No! Notebook BatteryInfo does not make changes in the Powermanagement settings which has a effect on the Notebook runtime. The user can change the power profile if the Taskbar Panel / SmartBar is displayed and an other profile is selected by the user. Notebook BatteryInfo does not make any changes itself.

Open/Close section 5.3 Sometimes I see a balloon tooltip displaying a message that Notebook BatteryInfo is not for commercial usage. How can I disable it?

This message can not be disabled by the user. The reason for this message is that Notebook BatteryInfo was used in commercial environment in the past, even if it was not permitted. This message comes in a random time span every 1-3 hours and looks "very nice" in a presentation with customers.
To disable the balloon tooltip, it is possible to get a contributor license. (More details can be found in Chapter 1.5.)

Open/Close section 5.4 After a while some features of Notebook BatteryInfo does not work anymore. How can I solve this problem?

The free version of Notebook BatteryInfo has a few limitations in functionality. After a specific operating system runtime some features of Notebook BatteryInfo will be disabled. After a system reboot all features of Notebook BatteryInfo will work until the operating sytem runtime is reached again.
To disable this behaviour, it is possible to get a contributor license. (More details can be found in Chapter 1.5.)

Open/Close section 5.5 Notebook BatteryInfo displays a message that the software can't be used anymore?

I'll release enhanced and bugfixed versions of Notebook BatteryInfo. To make support easier for me Notebook BatteryInfo Betaversion will be invalid after a longer timespan.
To fix this problem only the current Beta version must be installed. Contributor License Files are still working with this new versions.

6. Miscellaneous

Open/Close section 6.1 I'd like to know how a specific feature is designed. Can I get the source code?

The source code of Notebook BatteryInfo is not available neither complete nor partially.

Open/Close section 6.2 What can I do if I found a bug?

First check if you can reproduce the problem, than check if the found bug is not in the bug list. If the bug is not in the bug list I'd be pleased if the bug is reported.

Open/Close section 6.3 Why aren't there any Roadmaps or time schedules for new versions?

Notebook BatteryInfo is a project with a very limited amount of time. The support, and answering email requests needs a lot time. For this reason a scheduling is not possible, since Notebook BatteryInfo does not have any priority in my plannings.

Open/Close section 6.4 My virus scanner detects a virus or trojan, why?

The Setup of Notebook BatteryInfo is made with the Nullsoft Installer (NSIS). Unfortunately some virus scanners detect once in a while a virus or trojan in the setup file. If a result is positive it is recommended to check the result with an other virus scan software. It is also a good idea to report this problem to the software manufacturer of the virus scan software.

Open/Close section 6.5 Can I send a request for a new feature in Notebook BatteryInfo?

Yes, Notebook BatteryInfo will be enhanced from time to time. For that all requests of new features will be checked if it makes sense to implement it in a new version.

Open/Close section 6.6 What can I do if my question is not answered here?

If there is a problem or question regarding Notebook BatteryInfo you can contact me by eMail. Further information about contact can be found at the "contact" page.