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Notebook BatteryInfo Suite

Information: Noteook BatteryInfo Suite is a legacy product without support!

The download was removed End of 2020! There is not support anymore for Notebook BatteryInfo Suite, therefore don't ask!
Use Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar instead!!!

Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar

Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar contains only a shell extension DLL and the Notebook BatteryInfo Powermanagement subsystem. Only 2MB HDD space are needed to run the Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar. All parts of Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar supports Windows Styles and Aero Glas. To increase the user convienience Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar is perfectly integrated into Windows.
Configuration of Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar is also as easy as the configuration of the Notebook BatteryInfo suite. The only difference is the configuration is build into the shell extension DLL. Own language files are also supported and easy to translate into the desired language.

Open/Close section About window

This window contains information about Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar and the license agreement. If a Notebook BatteryInfo contributor license is used also the information of the license file will be displayed.

Open/Close section Configuration window

The Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar is a small sized application. But this will not mean there is no configuration. It is possible to customize the SmartBar behaviour, the values displayed in the popup window. And at least the Notebook BatteryInfo smartbar supports user defines language files.

The context menu of Notebook Battery Smartbar has the same user friendly structure for configuration and changing the current power plans like the Notebook BatteryInfo Suite. As a new feature it is possible to change the LCD brightness using Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar. This feature is only available if the operating system supports this feature.
For further information Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar has a popup window with more information about the battery of the Notebook. All displayed values are configurable. It is possible display the popup window in two different sizes.

Open/Close section Context menu & brightness settings

The context menu has the same structure like the Notebook BatteryInfo Suite context menu. If the system supports the changing of the LCD brightness the brightness settings dialog is available in the context menu.

Open/Close section Popup window

The popup menu can be displayed in two different sizes and is therefore perfect for systems with a lower screen reolution. All displayed values are configurable and can be hidden from the popup window.